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It's important to understand that Surfside Playhouse will remain flexible when it comes to the Covid19 pandemic. We need to learn to live with this health crisis and turning the ghost light on and off more than once may be the way forward. But we learn and adapt.

So we are very happy to announce our theatrical seaon.

UPDATE: All performances have been postponed until the theater reopens. Please be sure to check back for further updates.



"The Playhouse"
A homegrown video comedy adventure
Filmed in July (Shoot Dates TBD)
"The Pirate's Eye"
A Surfside Murder Mystery
Dates TBD
"Red, White and Tuna"
Dates TBD
"Always Patsy Cline"
Dates TBD
A Surfside Playhouse Holiday Show (TBA)
Dates TBD
"Bus Stop"
Dates TBD
Dates TBD
Dates TBD
"Dracula Fractured"
Dates TBD


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